What is The Honey? – The real honey

Why “The Honey”? Because it’s the real HONEY! Only the best

истински мед цена пчелни продуктиThe real honey is the only super food produced by insects and consumed by humans. Stored properly it is edible for an unlimited period of time. Bulgarian polyfloral herbal honey, along with Tibetan, is considered to be one of the healthiest and most delicious honeys. The main goal of The honey is not to export Bulgarian bee products as a raw material to the west or east, but as a qualitative Bulgarian end products. For this purpose, first of all we Bulgarians must appreciate and get to know the liquid gold called honey, which endowed us the unique nature. Step by step we will reveal to you the unbounded world of bees. In this mission, we are not alone, but we unite beekeepers from all over the country and present their apiaries and products, guaranteeing every jar. The honey has a history that is traceable from the beehive to the jar or honey-comb delivered to your home.

We will gradually equip all the beehives from which honey is produced with The Sensor Systems of “Sensato”, so that you can track real-time bee colonies where your honey comes from.