Apiaries for pure honey

Choose from where to be your pure honey jar among our apiaries listed on the map. All of them are in ecologically clean areas where bees calmly get the real pure honey. Each apiary produces unique pure honey with specific characteristics depending on the variety and season through which it is produced. The beekeepers are greed by experienced beekeepers who love their bees with love. They create them creating favorable conditions without treating them with antibiotics and without adding sugar during the active season of honey production. This produces true Bulgarian pure honey, which is highly valued not only in Bulgaria, but also throughout the world.

Most of the apiaries of МедЪТ are located on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The country has a tradition of producing truly pure honey and bee products. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, within which products of pure honey are freely traded.

МедЪТ complies with all regulatory requirements of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria with regard to trade in honey and bee products and in the processing and storage of personal data.

The beehive is located along the Malak Iskar river before the village of Karash. There is no active agriculture in
The Honey presents the first foreign apiary in its collection, namely an apiary located in a mountainous region of northern
The Honey presents the second apiary in its selection, namely the mountain apiary of Sensato – a company exploring the
The Honey presents its first Bee house in the selection, namely the City Bee house of Sensato – a company,