Mountain forest honey in Honeycomb


Honey, waxy honeycomb from the top bee hive bar


Mountain forest honey comes from a snail of Sentatho, which is located next to Iskar Dam away from active agriculture and pollutants. Honey is mountainous from early and late forest and meadow herbs. Each honey-like wax has its own unique taste. The mountain forest honey is he best stored in the honeycomb, leaving it for a long time in the liquid state for several months, up to several years. Copper honey can be consumed directly or pressed. The wax from the pressed cake can be used for various purposes, such as making creams, polishes, candles, etc.

Net weight: between 1 and 2 kg (beeswax + honey)

Characteristics: sealed beeswax honeycomb. Due to the uniqueness of the cheeses, we can not assess the taste properties of each one individually.

The price is calculated per kilo for beeswax + honey

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Additional information

Weight1.500 kg


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