Pressed, polyfloral, urban honey for collectors from the top bee hive bar


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A collection of 3 pressed jars, urban honey collected in Sofia, Manastirski Livadi and the surrounding area. The honey is pressed from a single wax, which gives it a unique and unique taste. Nectar is collected from grazing in the city in July and August 2017. Read more about pressed honey and about urban honey in articles.

Net weight: 700гр.+300гр.+80гр.

Type: urban, polyfloral

Characteristics: saturated, sweet taste with pronounced aftertaste of meadow herbs

Method of extraction: cold pressing without fine filtration

For the inquisitive: The pressed honey is obtained by the cold pressing technology of the wax cakes, which ensures the preservation of all useful substances and the aroma of freshly extracted honeycomb cakes. Characteristic of the pressed honey is that it is obtained from wicker cakes made entirely of bees without the addition of wax bases and reinforcement wire as in conventional beekeeping. This ensures the purity of wax and honey.

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