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Apiary “North Italy”

Apiary in North Italy

кошери в пчелина
kosher dadan swamp in apiary

The Honey presents the first foreign apiary in its collection, namely an apiary located in a mountainous region of northern Italy. This apiary is chosen because of the ivy honey that is harvested in its surroundings. The ivy blooms in September, October and November. In Bulgaria, at that time, bees are no longer actively harvesting nectar, but in Italy the climate is softer and commodity quantities of ivy honey can be harvested. Hives are located in groups of 15 distances at least 2 kilometers apart to provide enough grazing. The main beekeeper is a Bulgarian and thanks to him, we present a collection of honey and ivory honey.

In addition to honey from ivy, honey from acacia, lime, chestnut is also produced in this Italian beehive. The beehive system is Dadan Blatt. The particularities of ivy honey are that it crystallizes in a few days or even hours and should therefore be removed from the cakes before the process ends. Ivy honey is particularly sought after in the Scandinavian countries.

Ivy in the woods

The ivy is a creeping bush that reaches up to 20 meters in height. According to our data, we average 0.68 mg of nectar with a sugar content of 34.3%. From a deer, about 600 grams of honey are harvested. The ivy grows on wet, shady and stony places, reaching up to 1,000 m above sea level in the mountains. Propagated with seeds, shoots, cuttings and cuttings. Ivy is a medical plant, poisonous.


Ivy honey has a specific taste, very sweet, but with a stinging streak and aftertaste.