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Bee house Sensato City

The Honey presents its first Bee house in the selection, namely the City Bee house of Sensato – a company, investigating the bees. Sensato observes the development of the swarm of bees, preserving entirely the comfort of bees and creates the first-ever system, which could provide detailed information for the living of bees without direct contact to the swarm of bees.

мед восък пита мед пресован мед цена

The beehives of Sensato in this Bee house are 2. The bees in beehive No 1 (the brown on photos) are from new swarm of bees settled in May 2017, which without intervention of beekeepers of Sensato could be on the chimney of some building and the bees in beehive No 2 (the white on the photos) are from a swarm of bees, caught in June 2017. For a big gladness of the beekeeper, this year the brown beehive managed very well and except for constructing 13 honey-combs, succeeded to fill up with a pure honey a part of these honey-comps. Sensato placed at the disposal of The Honey a collection of City honey with the following flavours: Разгледайте всички продукти от този пчелин ТУК


Lime honey – collected in the period June-July. Limited up to 6×80 g. Pressed with a piece of white wax. This honey is defined with exceptional purity of the lime – over 90%.
Polyflora honey – collected in the period July-August. Limited to 6×80 g. Pressed. Rich taste with shades of late lime.

Whole wax pie, taken out in September, after a basic autumn check. At present, the taste is not known, but it is supposed that the honey is late, polyfloral. The one and only – 1XXX g. Without the wooden part.

Besides for scientific purposes, this apiary is also used for the training of beginner beekeepers, as the places are limited to 3 pcs. per year.
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