The Honey Acacia, extracted


Irresistible acacia honey!

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Acacia honey with a light, fresh, unique and memorable taste. The color varies from almost transparent, through foggy white to light and medium yellow. Monoflorous honey from acacia is kept fluid throughout the year. If there are impurities, fine crystallisation is possible. The taste is pleasantly sweet without the harshness of polyfloral honey. It is suitable for young children because of the lack or low presence of allergens in honey.

The apiary is located in Stara Planina in the village of Voneshta voda near the town of Veliko Tarnovo. There is no active agriculture around the village, which guarantees the cleanliness of honey from agricultural pollutants.

Net weight> 950gr

Type: monofloral, acacia honey, extracted

Features: Monoflorous honey with a saturated recognizable taste reminiscent of acacia color. It does not crystallize or crystallize in the presence of impurities.

Method of extraction: centrifuged, without fine filtration

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