Real honey, Bulgarian honey from Sakar mountain

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Taking real honey is health, so on the occasion of 2020, we HONEY, thanks to our partners at and on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Sensato, made one of the highest quality types, Bulgarian, real honey. Sakar is a mountain accessible to all Sofia citizens, except that we offer it at a price much lower than its real cost, we will also deliver it completely free of charge within Sofia, with delivery being made every Saturday. How is that possible? Because we want to see healthy and smart children and citizens. For us HONEY is a mission to serve people, not business at any cost.

We are offering you a selection of real honey, 2019 vintage from the village Mramor -Sakar Mountain. An exceptional combination of field herbs with a rich amber color. The taste is sweet, but experienced honey tasters will recognize a bouquet of field herbs, and beginners will enjoy the wonderful aroma. The density of honey is high due to its low water content. This will allow you to safely smear a slice of honey and butter 🙂

What are the characteristics of true honey:

  • From the environmentally friendly region the honey we offer is from the village of Mramor. There are no huge arrays, no industry, and the village is nestled in the foothills of the mountains. That is, there is PURE NATURE around the bees.
  • Bees do not feed during the active season to ensure high quality honey. This is at the expense of quantity, of course. This is also one of the reasons that prices are not the lowest on the market.
  • 1/3 of the wax cakes are changed every year to ensure good bee health. Old cakes are a breeding ground for bacteria and micro-organisms.
  • Without overpopulation – the number of families in one apiary is limited to 20-60 hives, depending on grazing. This is necessary not only for the production of high quality honey, but also for the limitation of diseases, in order not to use antibiotics in the bee breeding.
  • We let the honey ripen – that is, we do not take it out of the pies before the bees themselves decide that it is ready. This determines the saturated taste and density of the honey. And of course it guarantees that it will not be ruined for 100 years.

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